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  • Tales of literacy for the 21st centuryTales of literacy for the 21st century : the literary agenda

    Wolf, Maryanne.

  • A language yardstickA language yardstick : understanding and assessment

    Vail, Priscilla L.

  • Yo, Millard Fillmore!Yo, Millard Fillmore! : (and all those other presidents you don't know)

    Will Cleveland and Mark Alvarez.

  • HippopotamisterHippopotamister

    Green, John (John Patrick)

    "Hippo isn't happy. But what can he do? A hippopotamus can't leave the zoo. A hippopotamus can't get a job. But a hippopotamister can. And so, with the help of his friend Red Panda, Hippo tries on a few new hats. He makes a great construction worker! There's no better hairsylist! And he's a natural as a chef! But what hippo really needs... is a job where he can be himself"--Dust jacket.

  • A week without TuesdayA week without Tuesday

    Banks, Angelica.

    Real and imaginary worlds are colliding so Tuesday and Baxterr, at the request of the Librarian, venture to find the Gardener--the one person who can stop this catastrophe--but will they be able to save the land of story?

  • Four pointsFour points

    Larson, Hope.

    After escaping the Black Hook Gang in 1860 New York City, twelve-year-old twins Alexander and Cleopatra flee to New Orleans, become separated, and try to find each other in San Francisco, while being followed by pirates who think they hold the key to treasure.

  • Out of the woodsOut of the woods : a true story of an unforgettable event

    Bond, Rebecca, 1972-

    "Inspired by the author's grandfather's experiences living in a lodge in the woods, a story of how people and animals survive a forest fire in a small Canadian town"--Provided by publisher.

  • Mighty JackMighty Jack

    Hatke, Ben.

    "Jack might be the only kid in the world who is dreading the summer. But he's got a good reason: summer is when his single mom takes a second job and leaves him at home to watch his autistic kid sister, Maddy. It's a lot of responsibility, and it's boring, too, because Maddy doesn't talk. Ever. But then, one day at the flea market, Maddy does talk--and tells Jack to trade their mom's car for a box of mysterious seeds. It's the best mistake Jack has ever made. What starts as a normal garden behind the house quickly grows up into a wild, magical jungle with tiny onion babies running amok, huge, pink pumpkins that bite, and, on one moonlit night that changes everything...a dragon."--Back cover.

  • NarwhalNarwhal : unicorn of the sea

    Clanton, Ben, 1988-

    "Narwhal is a happy-go-lucky narwhal. Jelly is a no-nonsense jellyfish. The two might not have a lot in common, but they do ... love waffles, parties and adventures. Join Narwhal and Jelly as they discover the whole wide ocean together"--Provided by publisher.

  • The best clubThe best club

    Manushkin, Fran.

    Katie Woo and her friends would love to be part of Sophie's new club, but Sophie does not think they, or anyone, is good enough, so they form their own club.

  • Maybe something beautifulMaybe something beautiful

    Campoy, F. Isabel.

    "Mira lives in a gray and hopeless urban community until a muralist arrives and, along with his paints and brushes, brings color, joy, and togetherness to Mira and her neighbors"--Provided by publisher.

  • RatpunzelRatpunzel

    Vernon, Ursula.

    "It is Princess Harriet Hamsterbone to the rescue when Heady the hydra's egg is stolen, but her search leads her to a castle accessible only by a rat with a very long tail"--Provided by publisher.

  • The Great Chicago Fire, 1871The Great Chicago Fire, 1871

    Tarshis, Lauren.

    Oscar Starling tries to survive during the Great Chicago Fire.

  • Granddaddy's turnGranddaddy's turn : a journey to the ballot box

    Bandy, Michael S.

    "Life on the farm with Granddaddy is full of hard work, but despite all the chores, Granddaddy always makes time for play, especially fishing trips. Even when there isn't a bite to catch, he reminds young Michael that it takes patience to get what's coming to you. One morning, when Granddaddy heads into town in his fancy suit, Michael knows that something very special must be happening--and sure enough, everyone is lined up at town hall! For the very first time, Granddaddy is allowed to vote, and he couldn't be more proud. But can Michael be patient when justice just can't come soon enough?--Provided by publisher.

  • Finding SerendipityFinding Serendipity

    Banks, Angelica.

    "When Tuesday McGillycuddy and her beloved dog Baxterr discover that Tuesday's mother--the famous author Serendipity Smith--has gone missing, they set out on a magical adventure. In their quest to find Serendipity, they discover the mysterious and unpredictable place that stories come from"--Provided by publisher.

  • Giant troubleGiant trouble

    Vernon, Ursula.

    "When Princess Harriet climbs an enormous beantalk, she finds an even bigger surprise--a giant rabbit is keeping a goose and a girl who is half-harp-half-hamster are prisoner, and it's up to Harriet to save the day"--

  • Super Narwhal and Jelly JoltSuper Narwhal and Jelly Jolt

    Clanton, Ben, 1988-

    "Happy-go-lucky Narwhal and no-nonsense Jelly find their inner superheroes in three new under-the-sea adventures. In the first story, Narwhal reveals his superhero alter-ego and enlists Jelly to help him figure out what his superpower is. Next, Narwhal uses his superpower to help a friend find his way back home. In the third story, Jelly is feeling blue and Narwhal comes to the rescue"--Amazon.com.

  • The 65-story treehouseThe 65-story treehouse

    Griffiths, Andy, 1961-

    Andy and Terry travel through time trying to save their treehouse from highly talented, angry ants and Inspector Bubblewrap the building inspector while rushing to meet their publisher's deadline.

  • Whale vs. giant squidWhale vs. giant squid

    Pallotta, Jerry.

    Contains facts about whales and giant squids, comparing such aspects as their sizes, speed, and abilities.

  • The other sixteen hoursThe other sixteen hours : the social and emotional problems of Dyslexia

    Ryan, Michael.

  • Common GroundCommon Ground : Whole Language & Phonics Working Together

    Vail, Priscilla L.

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Popular Titles

  • The FBIThe FBI

    Larson, Kirsten W.

    "This photo-illustrated book describes the life of an FBI officer, including their work capturing terrorists, enforcing federal laws, and investigating crimes. Describes real-life cases and what it takes to get a job in the Federal Bureau of Investigation"--Provided by publisher.

  • Double DownDouble Down. double down

    Kinney, Jeff, author, illustrator.

    Greg Heffley's mom wants him to take a break from video games while Halloween approaches and he comes up with an idea to make a movie.

  • Hammerhead vs. bull sharkHammerhead vs. bull shark

    Pallotta, Jerry.

    Contains facts about hammerhead sharks and bull sharks, comparing such aspects as their sizes, teeth, and abilities.

  • Sunny side upSunny side up

    Holm, Jennifer L.

    After her older brother starts acting strangely, Sunny Lewin is shipped off to Florida to spend the summer with her grandfather. She makes a friend her age and tries to enjoy her stay but, other than Buzz, everyone is really old. Besides, Sunny just knows her parents sent her away because she somehow made her brother the way he is. She just wants things to go back to how they were before.

  • This is the gameThis is the game

    Shore, Diane ZuHone.

    Rhyming text recounts the history of baseball, describing how the game has changed and why it is one of Americans' favorite sports.

  • Lunch Lady and the field trip fiascoLunch Lady and the field trip fiasco

    Krosoczka, Jarrett.

    While the Lunch Lady and the Breakfast Bunch are on a field trip to a local art museum, the Breakfast Bunch realizes that some of the artwork has been replaced with fakes and set out to find the thief responsible.

  • Big Nate strikes againBig Nate strikes again

    Peirce, Lincoln.

    Sixth-grader and self-proclaimed genius Nate Wright faces his all-time enemy, Gina, when they are paired to work on a research paper together and she also gets a position on his intramural team.

  • SmileSmile

    Telgemeier, Raina.

    The author relates, in graphic form, her experiences after she injured her two front teeth and had to have surgeries and wear embarrassing braces and headgear, all while also dealing with the trials and tribulations of middle school.

  • Lunch lady and the cyborg substituteLunch lady and the cyborg substitute

    Krosoczka, Jarrett.

    The school lunch lady, a secret crime fighter, uncovers an evil plot to replace all the popular teachers with robots.

  • The cartoonist's big book of drawing animalsThe cartoonist's big book of drawing animals

    Hart, Christopher.

    Provides step-by-step instructions for drawing cartoon animals, including lions, elephants, rabbits, and others.

  • Fancy Nancy and the posh puppyFancy Nancy and the posh puppy

    O'Connor, Jane.

    Nancy wants to adopt a special puppy so that she is no longer the only fancy member of her family, but after a day of puppysitting a papillon, she realizes that being fancy is not always the most important thing.

  • Diary of a wimpy kidDiary of a wimpy kid : Greg Heffley's journal

    Kinney, Jeff.

    Greg records his sixth grade experiences in a middle school where he and his best friend, Rowley, undersized weaklings amid boys who need to shave twice daily, hope just to survive, but when Rowley grows more popular, Greg must take drastic measures to save their friendship.

  • Once I ate a pieOnce I ate a pie

    MacLachlan, Patricia.

    A collection of fourteen poetic examples of a dog's life from the perspective of the animals.

  • Mercy Watson to the rescueMercy Watson to the rescue

    DiCamillo, Kate.

    After Mercy the pig snuggles to sleep with the Watsons, all three awaken with the bed teetering on the edge of a big hole in the floor.

  • Sweet toothSweet tooth

    Palatini, Margie.

    Stewart's loud, obnoxious sweet tooth constantly gets him into trouble, until Stewart uses a healthy diet to take control of the situation.

  • The mysterious tadpoleThe mysterious tadpole

    Kellogg, Steven.

    Louis's uncle brings him a frog from Scotland for his birthday, and Louis soon realizes his tadpole, Alphonse, is no ordinary frog as he outgrows his jar, the sink, and even the bathtub.

  • Dear Mrs. LarueDear Mrs. Larue : letters from obedience school

    Teague, Mark.

    Gertrude LaRue receives typewritten and paw-written letters from her dog Ike, entreating her to let him leave the Igor Brotweiler Canine Academy and come back home.

  • Captain Underpants and the perilous plot of Professor PoopypantsCaptain Underpants and the perilous plot of Professor Poopypants : the fourth epic novel

    Pilkey, Dav, 1966-

    When Professor Pippy P. Poopypants comes to Jerome Horwitz Elementary School to teach science, and he goes off the deep end because students make fun of his name, only Captain Underpants can save the school from the professor's perilous plot.

  • If you give a moose a muffinIf you give a moose a muffin

    Numeroff, Laura Joffe.

    Chaos can ensue if you give a moose a muffin and start him on a cycle of urgent requests.

  • Where the sidewalk endsWhere the sidewalk ends : the poems & drawings of Shel Silverstein

    Silverstein, Shel.

    A boy who turns into a TV set and a girl who eats a whale are only two of the characters in a collection of humorous poetry illustrated with the author's own drawings.

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